Love A Dancer


A Chorus Line Club

Circle Theatre is thrilled to present a revival years in the making with the return of A Chorus Line! We’re inviting YOU to contribute to the magic!


We encourage you to support one of our incredible cast members through our “LOVE A DANCER” Club


By doing so, you’ll bring an extra spark to Circle Theatre’s production. As one of the longest running Broadway shows of all time, A Chorus Line is something that everyone in Grand Rapids will want to be a part of!


When you send your love to one of the dancers through the “LOVE A DANCER” Club, you’ll help underwrite this exciting production. There are 27 incredible performers who have dedicated more than 3,600 hours to bringing this show to life - let’s share how much you love that! You’ll choose which A Chorus Line cast member you’d like to support - but act fast! There’s a limit on how many times a cast member can be sent the love through this club! Each A Chorus Line cast member has a “heart fee” of $25.


“LOVE A DANCER” Club Benefits:


     Have your name featured on a heart alongside the photo of your A Chorus Line Cast Member in the lobby until the end of the production run, on July 29.


     Receive an autographed photo from your A Chorus Line cast member


     Receive a BOGO coupon to be redeemed for a future Main Stage show in Circle’s 2017 Season (To Kill a Mockingbird or It Shoulda Been You)


Want to check out our Cast Member photo gallery? You can see our entire cast’s official headshots that were taken by The People Picture Company by clicking HERE.


How do you join the LOVE A DANCER Chorus Line Club? Click HERE and take your pick!


Remember to check out the display in our lobby when you come see the show!



How do I decide which cast member to support?
If you don’t know someone personally, check out the quotes underneath the cast members' headshots. Maybe you’ll be drawn to their Circle memory or a reason why they love to perform!

Can I support more than one cast member?
Absolutely! You can support as many as you want!

What will my $25 “heart fee” go towards?
Your contribution will go towards the expense of producing A Chorus Line.

When will I receive the autographed photo of my A Chorus Line Cast Member?
After A Chorus Line closes, we will send your photo as soon as we can.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
All cash donations that receive no trade or value for the donation can be tax-deductible. With that being said, if you’d like this donation to be tax-deductible, we can send a donation letter instead of your BOGO coupon. Let us know by messaging us at [email protected]!


Thanks for being a part of our Circle!



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